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POLIPHONIA is a natural wine restaurant serving wild, seasonal, and local ingredients.

Just as the harmonies created in polyphonic singing can be hair-raisingly electrifying, we try to reach that same balanced tension in the wines and cuisine served to you in our creative and informal dining rooms.



Our rapidly changing compact menu consists of two components:

Rediscovering lost dishes from rare rural parts of Georgia

Creating new modern dishes from local and seasonal ingredients that dovetail with our all-natural wine list.  

We believe tradition is valuable both for its deep roots as well as its creativity and forward thinking.  Just as the overtones created in polyphonic singing can create a feeling of hair raising excitement. 


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Wild Tusheti:  Tebjolikis Kreba

5th of September


Poliphonia’s staff spent weeks foraging in the alpine regions of Tusheti, procuring the finest dairy projects, learning rare highland dishes.  We want to share our inspiration with you, as well as foraged ingredients treats we will lay out a Tushetian Feast, with a creative touch accompanied by the wines of LexoTsikhelishvili and ShotaLaghazidze



Forest Feast

3rd of October


A tasting menu inspired by the October fields, sky, forests and rivers. Every dish will have an element of nature, foraged by our chefs.  Wine pairings we will be selected from top Georgian natural producers for each dish.




17th of October


On the 18th of October we will be cooking at the Supernatural, natural wine and food festival at the ethnographic museum, the day before we will invite emerging natural wine makers, less known to our guests to offer an educational tasting of their wines paired with special dishes from our autumn menu.

Sparkling Wine Brunch

31 st of October


A tasting of various natural sparkling wines from Georgia and abroad and discussion of various natural sparkling wine methods, Cava, Petillant Naturel, Prosseco, and Champagne paired with light seasonal dishes.


14th of November


A tasting menu of classic Italian dishes paired with natural wines from Italy, we want to boast the flavor of exceptional Georgian ancient wheat varieties, cheese, tomatoes, and cured meats, used in traditional Italian dishes.


 Rkatsiteli Comparitive Tasting

28th of November


This tasting was created to compare 6 different Rkatsiteli amber wines, all made in roughly the same way, but from different soils.  We will speak about the Kakhetian method of wine making and pair each wine with a dish from our autumn menu.



Mexican Fiesta Amber Wine

5th of December


A Mexican Feast with a rainbow of flavors, and our homemade tortillas paired with amber wine, this will not be a tasting menu but rather a shared feast laced with one amber wine showing the versatility of amber wines can work, with spicy, tangy, veggie, meaty and umami driven flavors



For guests interested in attending all our autumn events, we are offering a “seasonal pass” at 20% discount.  If you buy the pass and can’t make one of the events you can pass on the pass to a friend.


For reservations and further information, please contact us: info.poliphonia@gmail.com ან +995 577 786268


[cultural heritage]





Sololaki region is one of the most ecologically clean parts of the city. This district begins from Freedom square and ends at the mount Mtatsminda. According to the story the Arabs built a canal in this area to water the gardens. Canal in Arabian language is "sululakh" and since that period the place is called Sololaki.


Street Food MEnu

Beetroot Falafel, Fermented Veggies, Tahini Wrap 

15 GEL




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